There is a nine-hole sand green golf course free for members at Lake Thunderhead. The course is short but challenging. There is a men’s and women’s golf league that plays through the summer and several tournaments through the year.


There are two quality tennis courts that have been recently resurfaced and had new nets installed. There is a men’s and lady’s tennis tournament each year to test your skill.

Sports Area

Located near the north end of the Lake Thunderhead dam is an area that has a nice playground with children’s equipment, a basketball court, shuffleboard court and baseball field.


There are two sand beaches, the major swimming area is Sweet Clover Beach, located near the north end of the dam at Lake Thunderhead.  The beach area includes a bathhouse. A second beach is located in the Spring Beauty addition.

Water Sports

Water Skiing and jet skiing are allowed in the main body of the lake, leaving the coves for the fishermen. A designated slalom course is located at the north end of the lake. Sailing is successful because the north/south layout of the lake provides excellent wind currents.